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The family dentist in Whiting . . . with a difference

At some practices, “family dentistry” simply means children are seen, as well as adults. At Crestwood Family Dental in Whiting, family care goes far beyond the dentist seeing patients of all ages. Dr. Thomas Sargent welcomes multiple family members and generations for the benefits family care brings to your smile, health, and schedule.

The right time for a bright smile

Many dentists recommend starting dental care at age one or earlier. However, very small children cannot sit still enough for comfortable, effective treatment. Instead, Dr. Sargent provides education and instruction for parents, from nutrition to brushing baby’s teeth and encouraging mouth-healthy habits. He recommends scheduling your child’s first dental appointment by age three or four. We make the visit fun, as teeth are counted, cleaned, and examined. This sets a pleasant tone for future visits, and gives the child’s a good lifetime attitude toward dental care.

Happy Family Smile

Benefits of family care

  • Genetics play a significant role in oral development. Knowledge of your hereditary traits allows us to be especially vigilant with young patients. With early interception, many dental and orthodontic issues can be minimized.
  • Medical background is also key. As we get to know you and other members of your family, we develop an understanding of medical history that may impact oral health. Heredity can indicate a tendency toward gum disease, diabetes, TMJ disorders, and other conditions. They can be recognized and managed earlier.
  • Family lifestyle factors such as diet, stress, and activity level impact oral health. The more we know about them, the better we can help keep your smile healthy.
  • We hope you never experience a dental emergency, but if you do, you are treated by the dentist who has your up-to-date records handy.
  • Family care is convenient – from managing insurance paperwork to same day appointments, we respect your time.
  • Some people are just nervous about seeing a dentist. The familiarity of family dental care eases that anxiety.

Call Crestwood Family Dental at (732) 860-1090 to schedule appointments for your family.

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The Dentist Thomas Sargent and the staff are all fantastic! They always accommodated me and were thorough, professional AND friendly! Been going here for 2 years and I never had to wait when I had an appt!

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