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Implant Restoration

Dr. Sargent has devoted his dental career to the expansion of his skills. This has been done with you in mind. From personal experience, Dr. Sargent knows the impact the mouth has on the body. His perspective makes him a wonderful resource for you and your family as you seek to sustain your healthy smiles for life.

Implant Restoration

If you have been affected by tooth loss, you are part of the growing percentage of adults experiencing the impact of oral disease. We do not want you to feel alone in your concerns about your appearance and the future of your oral health. Dr. Sargent has received extensive training in advanced dental care from prestigious institutions. His focused education on dental implants puts you in good hands!

Whether repairing a tooth with a filling or crown or replacing a tooth that has been lost, the greatest success comes when natural structure can be replicated. In the past, tooth
replacement methods focused on the visible structure. Experience has demonstrated that this approach provides only a fraction of what is needed for optimal results.

It is easy to take your teeth for granted. Tooth loss certainly puts things into a whole new perspective. Let our team assist you in regaining the form and function you deserve. We complete the entire restorative process for you, from your consultation to the placement of your final restoration and everything in between.

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Implant dentistry is your ticket to a healthy new smile. Contact the office of Dr. Thomas Sargent for excellent tooth replacement care. Call (732) 860-1090.

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The Dentist Thomas Sargent and the staff are all fantastic! They always accommodated me and were thorough, professional AND friendly! Been going here for 2 years and I never had to wait when I had an appt!

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