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Invisalign is Whiting’s clear alternative to braces

Most people want straight, evenly-spaced teeth. Yet neither teens nor adults relish the idea of noticeable orthodontics. Dr. Thomas Sargent offers an alternative to bands, brackets, and wires. Comfortable, transparent Invisalign is changing smiles across the Whiting, NJ area.


Invisalign basics

Dr. Sargent starts with a thorough dental examination. Then, robust computer software transforms 3D digital images of your mouth into the smile of your dreams. You get to see your new smile on a monitor, before treatment begins.

The system involves a progressive set of aligners, with each set worn for about two weeks. At brief six-week checkups, the doctor monitors your progress, adjusting the treatment plan, if necessary, to efficiently reposition teeth.

With good compliance (wearing aligners 20 to 22 hours a day), you can expect to complete treatment in about 12 months.

 Clear benefits

  • Appearance – Aligners are transparent and fit snugly. Other people won’t realize you are straightening your teeth unless they look closely.
  • Comfort – Aligners are made of smooth plastic. There is no aggressive wire tightening, and no hardware to rub sore spots on soft tissues.
  • Removable – Just take aligners out to eat the foods you enjoy. Teeth stay healthy with normal brushing and flossing and professional cleanings.
  • Easy to live with – Adapting to drinking water and speaking with aligners in place is a quick process. Cleaning aligners adds only a few minutes to your daily hygiene routine.
  • Stay enthused – Because Invisalign is clear, you enjoy results of straightening as they appear. There is no waiting for the big reveal at the end of treatment.
  • A healthier mouth – Straight teeth are easier to keep clean. That means reduced risk of cavities and gum disease . . . for life!

When Invisalign became available in the United States in the early 2000s, it was largely considered a cosmetic straightening system. The technology has continued to advance. Today, Invisalign can be an appropriate choice even for complex misalignment cases and some bite issues.

Schedule a consultation at Crestwood Family Dental to find out if Invisalign is right for you. The number for our Whiting, NJ office is (732) 860-1090.

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The Dentist Thomas Sargent and the staff are all fantastic! They always accommodated me and were thorough, professional AND friendly! Been going here for 2 years and I never had to wait when I had an appt!

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